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The Afterlife Interviews

Extraordinary! … This first-ever attempt at systematically interviewing alleged discarnate communicators represents a major development in psychical research. With his honest, pragmatic, meticulous approach, Jeffrey Marks delivers a wealth of information and makes a fundamental contribution to our understanding of the non-physical dimension of existence we call the afterlife.
—Piero Calvi-Parisetti, MD, author of 21 Days into the Afterlife

In his book The Afterlife Interviews: Volume II, author and spiritual medium Jeffrey A. Marks has pulled back the veil between realms to reveal no less than the fabric of the Universe. Through his thoughtful questioning of departed spirits who lovingly offer their insights to us, Jeffrey has found answers to many of the perplexing questions that torment us during our sojourn on Earth. But most importantly, he has gleaned precious advice from the spiritual realm to inform and guide our existence here: primarily that everything is about Love. Simple yet profound, The Afterlife Interviews: Volume II presents this life-affirming wisdom in a riveting format that captures the reader's attention and stirs the heart. If you have ever lost a loved one, or if you fear your own death, or worry about what awaits us on the other side of the veil—then you need to read this book. Read it and come away inspired to live a life devoted to Love and be free, at last, from the fear ingrained in our very human nature.
—Karen M. Wyatt, MD, author of What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying

What is most remarkable about these heartfelt interviews is how the dead explain with utter simplicity such mind-bending phenomena as nonlocality, oversouls, and an ever-present indwelling godhood. Jeffrey Marks' refreshingly unpretentious channeling unveils the inner universe as an infinite reality based on two ultimate truths — the underlying unity of all things and unconditional love. We need more of this!
—Julia Assante, PhD, author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death

Jeffrey Marks has given us a wonderful tool for demystifying the experience of dying and being conscious in the after-death state.  We’re coming into a time when we won’t necessarily have “the Other Side”—it will be one unified world of energy and consciousness and the “dead” will be as real and easy to communicate with as anyone else.  We need clear books like this to understand the continuity of consciousness and how to access the nonphysical dimensions.
— Penney Peirce, author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way

As a therapist, I appreciate Jeffery Marks’ devotion to objectivity and his thorough methodology for verifying the identity of the spirits whose interviews form the basis of this book. As a practitioner who specializes in end-of-life issues and who has had many personal, as well as third-person, encounters with “the other side,” I also appreciate how profoundly powerful this type of direct communication with the dead can be for the living. This volume adds a unique perspective to our understanding of the afterlife by delving into questions most other accounts have ignored, such as “Are there seasons and landscapes in ‘Heaven’ as on Earth?” “Are there cities?” “Where do people live?” “What do people do? Do they have occupations?” “Are there schools?” “Is there a government? What is it like?” “Is there evil, or punishment, or hell? If not, why do some Near-Death Experiencers recount a hellish experience?” In each instance, the answers provided by the interviewed spirits are insightful, loving, and often completely unexpected. I consider The Afterlife Interviews Volume II a welcome and recommended addition to my library of books on consciousness and the afterlife.
– William Peters, MFT, M.Ed., founder and director of The Shared Crossing Project and the Shared Crossing Research Initiative

Jeffrey A. Marks' The Afterlife Interviews makes an important contribution to the canon of research in which the nature of human consciousness after physical death is explored through mental mediumship. Marks' repeated findings confirm certain archetypal responses of the souls in Spirit, many of which I recognise from my own work as a medium. I congratulate Jeffrey on undertaking this humbling challenge and for accepting the responsibility to do it so very well. The wisdom, light and love from those on the Other Side shines through these pages, illuminating the minds of everyone who is fortunate to read this important book.
—Michael Wheeler, medium and author of Heaven Hears Your Heart (www.psychicoranges.com, Sydney, Australia)

...As a practitioner of energy medicine therapy for thirty years, I was also delighted in the numerous references to the differences in energetic frequencies between life on earth in a physical body and life on the “other side of the threshold,” particularly in the dimensions of time, space and matter....Once I picked up this book, it was difficult to put down. I am grateful for this masterful contribution to expanding our understanding of consciousness, freedom, the divine human journey, life on the other side, and how it all has to do with aligning our thinking, feeling and willing with LOVE.
—Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, HTCP/I, Director of Healing Touch Program, and author of Healing Touch Meditations: Guided Practices to Awaken Healing Energy for Yourself and Others

Jeffrey Marks has produced a work that any serious student of Spirituality would do well to read again and again....he dives right in and tackles the tougher questions of Spirit and conveys answers in a smooth, flowing style that imparts the real intention of the source....in a way that allows them to be used as tools in the meditation process.  Virtually any summary he records from his sessions would make the basis for a good meditation session.  In that sense, The Afterlife Interviews can be viewed as much as a workbook as a gentle read on a Sunday afternoon. Information on difficult topics, beautifully imparted, make this a work worth keeping close at hand, and in the toolbox of spiritual practice.
—Bruce W. Holsted, businessman, author of Sacred Spaces and Steps to a Conservation of Mind, and hospice volunteer

I applaud Jeffrey Marks for his courage to take on the challenging topic of "survival of consciousness" after death in The Afterlife Interviews. Having been a participant in several studies including the Afterlife Experiments (and the documentary Life After Life on the HBO Network), I know the importance of this work, and it is a personal mission of mine as a professional medium to bring to light the questions that so many people have, regarding what happens after death. Again, I applaud Jeffrey Marks for delving into this difficult yet important subject, and exploring with intense devotion what happens after we die.
—Suzane Northrop, Internationally-Acclaimed Medium, Grief & Bereavement Expert, TV and Radio host, and author of Second Chance: Healing Messages from the Afterlife, Everything Happens for a Reason: Love, Free Will & Lessons of the Soul, and A Medium's Cookbook: Recipes for the Soul.

The evidence for survival of bodily death, from a variety of sources, continues to grow. Jeffrey A. Marks’ The Afterlife Interviews is a valuable addition, which will fascinate researchers and laypersons alike.  Since the likelihood that we shall all die is quite impressive, this book should be of interest to everyone.
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine, and The Power Of Premonitions

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What is life REALLY like
on the Other Side?

What could possibly be waiting for us when our time on earth is over?  What does it mean for our lives today? 

Spiritual medium and researcher Jeffrey A. Marks set out to find the answers. Starting with a list of fifty-two questions regarding the nature of life on the Other Side, Jeffrey went directly to the spirits for answers.  Using an analytical approach, Jeffrey recorded fourteen mediumship sessions with individuals from various faiths and backgrounds, and interviewed their friends and loved ones from the Other Side. 

The result is the most direct and accessible description of the nature of the afterlife — revealing that LOVE is the cornerstone.

If taken to heart, the spirits' answers could profoundly enhance our lives here on earth through greater compassion toward ourselves and others. 

Dr. Karen M. Wyatt — known as "America's Spiritual MD" — describes The Afterlife Interviews most profoundly: "Jeffrey A. Marks has pulled back the veil between realms to reveal no less than the fabric of the Universe ... Jeffrey has found answers to many of the perplexing questions that torment us during our sojourn on Earth. But most importantly, he has gleaned precious advice from the spiritual realm to inform and guide our existence here: primarily that everything is about Love ... Read it and come away inspired to life a life devoted to Love and be free, at last, from the fear ingrained in our very human nature."


We will all get there someday. 
The spirits have spoken.
Are we ready to listen?


Find out the answers

Begin Your Journey — VOLUME I

Question 1: THE DYING PROCESS.  Was The Process of Leaving The Body—Dying—a Painful One?  What Was It Like for You?

Question 2: THE TUNNEL.  Did You Enter a Tunnel of Light or Did You Remain Behind?  What Happened Next?

Question 3: SPIRITUAL GUIDES.  Did You Meet a Spiritual Teacher, Guide, Relative, or Religious Figure?

Question 4: THE LIFE REVIEW.  Was There a Life Review?  How Would You Describe It?

Question 5: THE TRANSITION PLACE.  Was There a Transition Place or Holding Ground Before Going To a Place You Would Now Call “Home”?  If So, What Took Place There?

Question 6: MORE ON THE DEATH EXPERIENCE.  Any Other Comments About the Death Experience?

Question 7: YOUR IDENTITY.  Were There Aspects of Your Identity That You Lost When You Died?  Were There Things That You Gained?  What?

Question 8: CONTINUATION OF FORM.  Do You Have a New Kind of Body or Are You Without Form?

Question 9: BODY OF ENERGY AND THOUGHT.  If There Is a New Body, Are There Any Clues You Can Give Us as to the Nature of What The Body is Like in the Afterlife?

Question 10: HEALTH ISSUES.  Do You Have Any Kind of Physical or Bodily Health Issues to Deal With in the Afterlife?

Question 11: AGING AND APPEARANCE.  Do You Age or Do You Get to Choose Your Appearance?

Question 12: BESTOWAL OF WISDOM.  When Leaving the Earthly Existence Were You Automatically Given Wisdom or Answers to the Nature of Life and Existence That You Didn’t Have While You Were Alive on Earth?  Was Knowledge Instantly Bestowed Upon You?  If So, What Did You Learn?

Question 13: COMMUNICATION & PHYSICAL INTERACTION.  How Do You Communicate with Others?  Do You Talk or is It Telepathy?  What About Physical Things Such as Dancing or Making Love—Are You Able to Do Those Things in the Afterlife?

Question 14: COMMUNICATION BY KNOWING.  Are There Different Languages in the Afterlife?  What Is Communication Like?

Question 15: PERCEPTION OF STRESS.  Do You Still Have Inner Challenges or Things That Cause Stress?

Question 16: TIME.  How Do You Perceive Yourself in The Flow of Time?  Does Time Have Any Meaning?

Question 17: PAST LIVES.  If You Perceive Time, Do You See Any Past Lives You Have?  How Would You Describe That?  What About the Akashic Record?  Can You Converse with a Previous “You”?

Question 18: CHOOSING FAMILIES.  How Are Soul Mates and Families Chosen?  Do We Live with Them after We Die or Do They Go Back to Live with People of Their Own “Level”?

Question 19: LEVELS.  Are There Such Things as Levels—a Hierarchy for Those That Are More or Less Evolved Based on Some Aspect of Either Time or Expansion?  Can We Know Our Level or Do We Need To?

Question 20: ADVANCEMENT.  How Do We Advance If There Are Levels?  Are We Limited in a Life as to How Many Levels We Can Proceed?  Do We Advance in the Spiritual Realm as Well the Physical?

Question 21: STRIVING FOR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.  If There Are No Levels Then Why Have We Been Taught This Throughout the Centuries, to Believe That Such Striving for Higher Consciousness is Vital?  Why Not Simply Live and Indulge Ourselves in the Moment of Life?

Question 22: LOOKING IN ON US.  For Those Living in the Soul World, Do They Have Constant Access to the Physical World or Do They Have to Be Called or Summoned?  If They Have Free Reign, Then is There No Real Sense of Aloneness in the Physical World, or Privacy for That Matter, Such as in Intimate and Personal Matters?
Are We Always Being Watched?

Question 23: THE NATURE OF EVIL.  What is Evil?  Are There Negative Aspects That Are as Powerful as the Positive Ones and Can They Have Form and Shape, Such as Demons?  If Not, Then Why Do People Experience Such Things? Is It Illusion or Reality?

Go Deeper for "The Big Questions" — VOLUME II

Question 24: ACCESS TO UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE. Is access to any and all information in the Universe available to us at all times or is it restricted based on something such as incarnation, need, or soul level?

Question 25: EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS. If all knowledge and wisdom is accessible to us in the spiritual realm, then why do deceased people still hold on to negative earthly emotions? Or is this merely a projection of the life of the person we once knew?

Question 26: VALIDITY OF THE OVERSOUL. If the “spirit” is a projection, then is it possible to connect with the full and complete Oversoul, and if so, what is that Oversoul like in comparison to the projected life form?

Question 27: SURVIVAL OF ANIMAL SOULS. Are there animals in the soul world and what happens to the animals that have perished? Do they remain or go back to a pool of consciousness?

Question 28: COMMUNICATION WITH PASSED PETS. Can we communicate with our dead animals or is this simply an illusion to give us comfort?

. Do you exist within an environment with qualities such as days, nights, seasons, or other shared reality-ordering characteristics?

Question 30: AFTERLIFE OCCUPATIONS. What about occupations? Are you required to work or are you free to do anything, anywhere?

Is there a form of currency? Or is the act of obtaining goods and services needed, necessary, or handled differently than on earth?

Question 32: ORDER.
Is there a form of government or societal structure in the afterlife? If so, how would you describe it? If not, how is order maintained?

Question 33: PUNISHMENT.
Is there crime and punishment in the afterlife? If so, how is that handled?

Question 34: MAKING NEW SOULS. Is there such a thing as procreation in the afterlife? Can people on the Other Side birth more children?

Question 35: LIFE STAGES. Are there stages to the afterlife similar to earth-life, like childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and elderhood?

Question 36: "CONTINUING" EDUCATION. How is education handled in the afterlife? Are there schools?

Question 37: HEAVENLY HOMES. Do you have a structure that would be called a “home”? If so, what is it like? Can you have more than one?

Question 38: CHANGING PERSPECTIVES. What other social or societal structures exist that we do not have on earth that would benefit those in the afterlife?

Are there cities in the afterlife? How would you describe them?

Are there rural and natural settings as well? What is the landscape of the afterlife like—or is there landscape at all?

Question 41: COSMIC "PUBLIC WORKS." How do you travel in the afterlife? Are there roads and other public services and utilities to supply our energetic bodies?

Is there technology? How would you describe it?

Question 43: SPIRIT GUIDES AND ANGELS. Are there spiritual guides, masters, or guardian angels? What are their roles? Can you define them?

Question 44: ROLE OF RELIGION. How much importance do organized earthly religions have in the afterlife? Do their spiritual texts accurately describe possible conditions and scenarios on the Other Side?

Question 45: EXISTENCE OF THE PROPHETS. Are there prophets form earth’s major holy books on the Other Side, such as Jesus or the Buddha, and if so, do they command the power and respect given to them here on earth? What can you tell us about them?

Question 46: VIEWS OF GOD. Is there one entity, separate, and independent from all of creation that is considered God, the Great Creator? If so, how would you describe God? Are historic religious texts accurate in their descriptions?

Question 47: FATE OF THE EVIL.
Is there a place where bad or evil people are forced to endure pain for their transgressions? If not, what happens to murderers, rapists, and other criminals, once they die?

Question 48: FATE OF SUICIDES.
What happens to people who commit suicide?

Question 49: NEAR-DEATH VISIONS. If there isn’t a “hell,” how do you address those who have described such a place in a near-death experience?

Question 50: JUDGMENT AND END TIMES. Is there going to be a time in the future when all of us will be judged? If so, what will it be like? What will the outcome be? (And if there is no such thing as Time, hasn’t this judgment already taken place?)

Question 51: NEED FOR RELIGION ON EARTH. Is mankind in any spiritual peril that requires us to adopt any major religion’s creed or rituals? If so, which one? If not, why?

Question 52: FINAL ADVICE. Do you have any other comments or advice for people who are curious about the Other Side?

Meet the author

Jeffrey A. Marks is an evidential spiritual medium and researcher, paranormal investigator, and award-winning author of Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality. His writing explores new territory by including a left-brained approach to an examination of right-brained themes of metaphysics, higher mind potential, spirit communication, the nature of the afterlife, and paranormal phenomena — while using the lenses of both science and spirituality to understand the fullness of the human experience. Jeffrey is a compassionate voice for the spirits, and has connected for both individuals and groups in the Pacific Northwest. He is a member and past president of the Washington State Ghost Society, co-facilitator of the Northwest Mediumship Meet-Up group, and is a dynamic educator and speaker on spiritual potential.  As a medium, he is known for his humble authenticity, by sitters and spirits alike.

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